Meet DSERVE self-checkout for restaurants

Meet DSERVE — The Leading Self-Checkout Solution

Our mission

More time for meaningful tasks. We know what it’s like to work during peak hours. You can’t thrive at your job when you have five plates on your hands and a bunch of people calling for your assistance. We want to free your employees from the clutter to help them focus on exceptional customer service and enjoy their work more. 

Our vision

We aim to become a leading automatization solution for restaurants in Europe. We live in the most progressive and expansive time of history, yet restaurant service remains pretty much the same as it was a century ago. We want to lead the restaurant sector toward modernization and break all the barriers along the way.

Our values


We don’t just want to give you a system to speed up your work, we want to offer you a tool to bond with your customers. A difference between a great restaurant and an average place to eat is customer service. The way you’re greeted and served beats everything else. So, let us take care of that.


We don’t make empty promises. We offer the fastest self-ordering solution in the market — up to 3 times faster than traditional digital kiosks. We only use the newest technologies and solutions that help us deliver a remarkable product to you and your clients.

Getting things done

We bring our A-game. From the implementation of our solution to feedback and improvement — we thrive on progress and overcoming obstacles. Show us a problem, and we will turn it into an opportunity.

Continuously improving

We tirelessly work on improving DSERVE self-checkout solutions for restaurants. Everything from breakthrough integrations to updated safety protocols — we grow together with the latest market trends.

Celebrating accomplishments

Each new milestone you achieve is our personal victory. We nurture close relationships with our clients so that we would know the ins and outs of your business to offer the best solution tailored to your unique restaurant needs. 


Company credentials

Company name: UAB Maisto myletojai

Address: Savanorių av. 276-394, LT-50200 Kaunas

Registration code: 304842657

VAT code: LT100011777218

Email adress: 

Customer support

Email address:

Phone number: +370 663 17425


The Leading Self-Checkout Solution!

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