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Digitalize your restaurant with self-checkout solutions

You’re just a tablet away from increased customer satisfaction, shorter queues, and growing restaurant revenue.

Self-service restaurant solutions
for your business

Fastest self-checkout

Welcome your new digital colleague, and forget unbearable peak hours.

Seamless QR ordering

Improve your customer service by allowing your clients to choose in peace.

eShop integration

Turn your menu into a prosperous eShop.

Convenient table ordering

Always be there where your customers need you the most.

Order processor

Always be on top of your customer service with all their orders on one screen. 

Menu TV for everyone to see

Waste no time — let your customers pick their meals while waiting in line.

Oh wait, we have more

Intuitive admin

Menu & pricing



Upsell function

Customer feedback

It’s time to say goodbye to old-school management and welcome a modern self-service solution for your restaurant.

frequently asked questions

All you need is a quality internet connection and a place for self-checkout with internet access and electricity. We’ll do the rest — prepare the system and train your staff.

Based on your location, we can prepare it in 2 to 5 business days.

We have integrations with the most popular EPOS, but we can work with any EPOS of your choice without an integration.

If the conditions are met, it takes 10-30 minutes to install our system.

DSERVE self-checkout system is easy to use, even for the least tech-savvy staff. It takes only 10 minutes to master our intuitive admin dashboard, and we’ll onboard you to make it even easier.

In case you have EPOS integration, it will be set up automatically. We’ll set up your menu for free if you don’t have it.

Yes, you can customize your self-checkout with your restaurant’s colors and visuals.

Customers can submit and receive their orders faster. They don’t need to linger in long lines or wait for the staff to come to them. They can select their order and directly make a contactless payment.

Yes, you can use 3 different languages. All you need is to provide translations for menu items.

Depending on your country, you can either request a terminal from your bank, or we will provide it for you.

Yes, we have a wide range of discount/loyalty options available.

Yes, we accept various loyalty card types, but we prefer QR codes.

Yes, there is a wide variety of dish modifiers that can be added to their order for free or at an additional cost. The DSERVE self-ordering system also suggests extra items to upsell more products.

Yes, you can scan items with a built-in iPad camera or additional scanner.

Yes, we can have either manual or AI-generated upselling, which can be done for each product and a full cart.

We use iPads because they provide the best customer experience (user-friendly, high touch quality, intuitiveness) and the best value for your business — long-lasting, quality control, and value for money.

DSERVE is 2-3 times faster to use, 2-10x cheaper, 2-10x faster to install, and provides the best value for the business (majority of customers have 3-6 months ROI).

Yes, contact us for more details.


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