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Privacy Policy

1. Definitions

  1. Webpage – a webpage
  2. User – any user registered with the Webpage.
  3. Dserve – Maisto mylėtojai JSC (Dserve), org. No 304842657, having its headquarters at Naugarduko str. 3, Vilnius, Lithuania
  4. Services – mediation services provided by a service provider via the Webpage between the User and the service provider within the procedure established in the Rules.
  5. Rules – the rules for the use of the Webpage and the provision of services.
  6. Privacy Policy – the present Privacy Policy, which defines the procedure for User data collection, storage and processing.

Other words in upper case shall have the meaning attributed to them in the Rules.

2. General provisions

  1. User’s data are collected, stored and processed by following this Privacy Policy, EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, the Law on Personal Data Protection of the Republic of Lithuania and other applicable laws.
  2. Dserve has implemented necessary technical and organisational measures to ensure protection of all personal data against unintended or illegal destruction or unintended loss, change, unauthorised disclosure or access and against all illegal forms of processing.
  3. By agreeing with this Privacy Policy, the User agrees that the data disclosed upon registering with Dserve User registration Webpage and in the account created on these grounds (such as full name, email address, telephone number, picture, bank account number and the User’s feedback, User’s account login data etc.) as well as the data collected by the Webpage (such as location) and other statistical information used by the Webpage will be maintained and processed for the purposes and within the procedure and measures laid down in this Privacy Policy, applicable laws. The User’s consent given upon registration and disclosure of personal data with the App and upon entering the data in the User’s personal account created on the basis of this registration is a legitimate basis for the processing of personal data.
  4. We use and process the User’s personal data (full name, email address) for direct marketing purposes only if the User permitted us to do so in a newsletter subscription form of the Webpage.
  5. This Privacy Policy applies in all cases where the User registers with the Webpage and makes any changes of or modifications to his (her) personal data listed in article 2.3-2.4 of this Privacy Policy on his (her) personal account created for this purpose irrespective of whether the User has been rendered Services or not and also when the User provides any other personal details with the Webpage (feedback etc.).

3. Personal data collection, processing and storage

  1. Any data collected by the Webpage will be used for the below purposes:
    • the User’s registration and administration of the User’s personal account created for this purpose;
    • managing and processing of the information related to the provision of Services;
    • to ensure and upgrade the quality of Services;
    • the provision of Services and the evaluation of the Services rendered;
    • for the purposes of accounting;
    • to solve the issues related to the provision of Services;
    • for statistical and direct marketing purposes;
    • for other legitimate purposes linked to the provision of Services, including publication of the User’s feedback with the Webpage and (or) Dserve social media account.
  2. The User’s data for statistical purposes are processed in the depersonalised form i.e. without the possibility to identify the User.
  3. The User’s data stored by Dserve on legal grounds (such as the information related to accounting, legal disputes etc.) are stored for the period prescribed for by laws.
  4. Personal data processed for direct marketing purposes shall be stored for maximum 3 years as of the Date of subscription for a Dserve newsletter, unless the User withdraws his (her) consent for processing personal data for direct marketing purposes earlier.
  5. All other User’s data are stored as long as the User’s personal account is active with the Webpage but not longer than 10 years as of the date of the User’s active operations (login to the Webpage account). Personal data shall be deleted earlier if the User objects to further storage of his (her) data.

4. Personal data transfer to third parties

  1. Dserve is entitled to transfer the User’s personal data to third parties located within the European Economic Area to the extent such transfer is related to the provision of Services:
    • the Payment agent and the User’s bank will be provided with the data of User’s payment card linked to his (her) account, value of the order, payment order to enable deduction of the funds from the payment card and their transfer to the Partner;
    • The third parties who assist Dserve in administering the Webpage may also be given access to the User’s data available with the Webpage. Such third parties include suppliers of database software, providers of database administration services, providers of cloud services etc.
    • Your data may also be disclosed to governmental institutions or law enforcement establishments such as police or regulatory bodies, but only if requested by these institutions and only if the request is based on applicable laws and if this is required to protect Dserve’s rights.
  2. If your personal data are transferred to any third country which does not provide the same security level as within the European Economic Area, we shall ensure adequate protection of your personal data by using additional measures such as Privacy Shield certificates and (or) standard contractual provisions.

5. Provision, correction, deletion of personal data and other rights of the User

  1. If the User desires to use the Services offered by Dserve, the User must provide his (her) personal data upon registration with the Webpage and in his (her) personal account created for this purpose.
  2. The User ensures that his (her) personal data disclosed in the personal account are correct and valid i.e. in case of any changes in his (her) personal data, the User has a duty to update personal data. Otherwise Dserve will not be able to accomplish the User’s registration with the Webpage and to administer the User’s personal account created on these grounds or to render Services to the User.
  3. The User is entitled to contact Dserve by email and to request that Dserve enables the User to get access to his (her) personal data processed by Dserve, to correct personal data if they are incorrect or incomplete, to delete personal data, to restrict their processing and to object to further processing of personal data, to get personal data in a structured machine readable form (the right to data transferability). The Service provider may need certain personal data (such as full name, payment card data) for the provision of Services. If the User fails to provide these data or asks to delete such data later, the Service provision may be encumbered and thus may not be rendered to the User.
  4. The User is also entitled to contact Dserve at any time by email and to withdraw his (her) consent to collect and process his (her) personal data without any effect on the legitimacy of collection and processing of personal data before such withdrawal of the consent. If the User withdraws the consent, the User’s account will be deleted from the Webpage and the provision of Services will be discontinued.
  5. The user may implement the above listed rights by contacting Dserve by email, or by registered mail specified in this Privacy Policy above.
  6. If the User suspects that the data have been processed in breach of the data protection legislation, the User is entitled to complain to the State Data Protection Agency.

6. Miscellaneous

  1. Dserve is entitled to amend this Privacy Policy fully or partially at any time by notifying about this on the Webpage. The amended version of the Privacy Policy shall come into effect as of the date of its publication on the Webpage.
  2. If following such changes the User continues using the Webpage, Dserve services and (or) takes no steps to express his (her) objection, the User will be deemed to have accepted the Privacy Policy as amended.
  3. If the User does not accept the Privacy Policy as amended, the User must report this to the Service provider by email In that case, the User’s account may be deleted, if so requested by the User, and the services will no longer be rendered.


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